Enoshima Night Events

Check out the various events held around the Enoshima Sea Candle!
Various seasonal events add colour to the night on Enoshima.


Art space of light and reflections created by mirror balls.

Enoshima International Art Festival MIRRORBOWLER HIKARI ART, Spring Evening

Event produced by the art group Mirror Borer. Mirror balls of various sizes are set up in the garden to create a spatial work of light and shadow.


An emotive summer tradition where the whole island is enveloped in lights.

Enoshima Island Toro Lantern Festival

Approximately 1,000 lanterns will be set up at various locations on Enoshima. The entire island is enveloped in warm light and is a wonderful evening event, crowded with couples in yukata and others.


Fantastic candlelight flickering in the night breeze

Shonan Candle

Approximately 10,000 candles are lit in Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden. A pleasant autumn event with live music and slide shows.


Fantastic 3,000 bamboo lanterns.

Ryuko-ji’s Bamboo Lantern Festival

3,000 bamboo lanterns of various sizes line the path between the Niomon Gate and the main hall of Ryukouji Temple. Visitors can enjoy a fantastic autumn evening surrounded by the quiet flickering light of the candles. You can pray for wishes and memorial services for ancestors.


Three major illuminations in the Kanto region, which glamorously illuminate the surrounding area

Jewel of shonan

An event where Enoshima and the entire Katase Kaigan area is lit up. This is an event where you can enjoy the winter Enoshima as you walk around the island, with its breathtaking scenery that looks like it is covered in jewels.