Lying next to the ocean, Enoshima and Fujisawa offer a wide range of marine-based activities.
Alternatively, why not experience learning how to make sushi, complete with English language guidance,
or take part in some of the many Japanese cultural activities on offer?
People of all levels are welcome to join, so please come along and give them a try!

Water Sports

Hansa Class

At Shonan Harbor, visitors can embark upon the “*Hansa Class” yachting experience. Suitable for people with or without previous sailing experience, those who climb aboard can learn about sailing in an easy and safe environment.

* This class of yacht is very safe, does not capsize, and is simple to maneuver. Shonan Harbor will play host to the sailing competition during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Why not give sailing a try here ahead of this elite event?

Inquiries: Shonan Nagisa Park

Moreover, visitors can try their hand at SUP (stand-up paddle boarding), canoeing,
and surfing experiences offered by the following companies.

Island life

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Chotto Yacht

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Sylphide Club

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Other Activities

Aside from all the water sports, there are many other activities to get involved in.

Bicycle Rental

Bicycle Rental

Convenient for exploring the areas around Enoshima, bicycle rental services are provided. Running from Kugenuma Kaigan on the shore opposite Enoshima, to the neighboring town of Chigasaki, the "Shonan Cycling Road" is approximately 8 kilometers each way. With few undulations along the route, this road is ideal even for beginners. Cyclists can get up close to and really enjoy the beauty of the Shonan Coast, and with great views of Mt. Fuji visible on clear days, this route comes highly recommended.
Inquiries: Shonan Nagisa Park


Prices: 4 hours: ¥500 1 day: ¥1,000
Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball

Kugenuma Kaigan, located on the shore opposite Enoshima, is the birthplace of Japanese beach volleyball. In August each year, "Beach Volley Japan", which is the biggest beach volleyball competition in Japan, is held here. The venue is open to members of the public throughout the year, and free volleyballs and courts are provided. Coin showers and lockers are also available, making this the complete beach volleyball location.
Inquiries: Shonan Nagisa Park

Court Rental (Shonan Nagisa Tennis Club)

Court Rental (Shonan Nagisa Tennis Club)

Rentable tennis courts at Shonan Beach Park. From an ideal location just next to Enoshima, on a clear day you can enjoy a view of Mount Fuji to the west. Enjoy a luxurious game of tennis amid the sun, sand, and surf of Shonan Beach.
Inquiries: Shonan Nagisa Tennis Club


Prices: 1 court, Weekday ¥1,000/hour1 court, Saturdays and Holidays, ¥2,000/hour(Racquet rental and tennis balls for purchase are also available.)
Shonan Beach Park Walking Tour

Shonan Beach Park Walking Tour

Choose from one of four marine-life-themed easy walking tours along level ground. On a sunny day, enjoy views of Enoshima and Mount Fuji as you walk carefree with the ocean wind in your hair.
Inquiries: Shonan Beach Park

Japanese Cultural Experiences

Sushi Making Experience (Satsuma-ya Head Shop)

Sushi Making Experience (Satsuma-ya Head Shop)

For all the sushi lovers out there, why not try making some of your own? With English guidance available throughout, unleash your inner sushi chef! Situated near to Fujisawa Posting Station (introduced on the Post Town Fujisawa page), the sushi shop is conveniently located for sightseeing. Please send any inquiries via the following website.
Inquiries: Satsuma-ya Honten

Ukiyo-e Printing Experience (Fujisawa Ukiyo-e Museum)

Ukiyo-e Printing Experience (Fujisawa Ukiyo-e Museum)

The “Ukiyo-e Printing Experience” is now being offered at the Fujisawa Ukiyo-e Museum.
Come try making your own ukiyo-e prints every Saturday and Sunday between 13:00 and 17:00 for as long as the exhibit is open.
Different participants will need more or less time to finish their prints, but Most participants finish their prints in 5-10 minutes. The experience is free, but limited to only once per visit.
Download the how-to guide here (pdf)
Inquiries: Fujisawa Ukiyo-e Museum

Legend of the Dragon God (Enoshima Kimono Rental)

Legend of the Dragon God (Enoshima Kimono Rental)

Come choose from a selection of over 200 kimonos! Rental includes kimono fitting, handbag/footwear, and hair accessories.
An offer you won’t see anywhere else: all kimono types & patterns at a single fixed price. They’ll set you up with a perfect ensemble, and even store your luggage while you show it off.
Located on the 10th floor of the Maru Building near the bridge to Enoshima. Seven minutes from Enoshima Station by foot, or three minutes from Katase-Enoshima Station on the Odakyu Line.
Inquiries: Enoshima Kimono Rental


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