Safety Information

■Emergency Call

JNTO Japan Visitor Hotline (English/中文/한국어) 050-3816-2787(24 hours a day)

Ambulances / Fire Service 119(24 hours a day, at no charge)

Police 110(24 hours a day, at no charge)

■Up-to-date news

NHK World-Japan (English)
International broadcasting by the Japan’s public broadcaster.
Check the latest news regarding natural disasters and other unexpected events.

■Emergency Notification

Japan Safe Travel Information (English)

■JNTO (Japan Safe Travel) on Twitter (English)

JNTO official Twitter account provides useful information on weather warnings/advisories and latest news of transportation services during your stay in Japan.
Follow “Japan Safe Travel” for safety tips and lates information on natural disasters.

■Medical Institution / Travel Insurance (English/中文/한국어)

Search for medical institutions by a clinical department and a language. You can also get information on how to seek treatment at medical institutions, such as a “point and speak” sheet. If you look for information on how to obtain travel insurance after arriving in Japan. Check this page, too.

■Japan national Tourism Organization (JNTO) (English/中文/한국어)

Access to a wide range of useful travel information, including natural disasters.

■Kanagawa Prefecture Disaster Information Portal

This site provides information on natural disasters in Kanagawa Prefecture. Weather information, landslides, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, evacuation centres, evacuation order information, evacuation information and warning levels, etc.